Recycling and repurposing vegetation

If you have vegetation removal from an individual tree to a large scale project, why should you choose Austral? Because of Wood For Good – Social Enterprise, since 2013. We convert hard wood into a range of firewood products.

How Wood For Good is doing good in the community:

  • Firewood sales
  • Per tonne delivered
  • Yard collection
  • 100kg pick up
  • 200kg pick up

Mon–Fri (8:30am–3:30pm)

Bagged firewood sales

  • Kindling
  • Wood-oven “gourmet”
  • Bulk and bagged firewood

How Wood For Good is recycling and repurposing vegetation:
All suitable wood removed from Austral worksites finds its way to Wood For Good where it is then processed and repurposed. It’s our way of paying it forward.

  • Hollows for arboreal and terrestrial relocation
  • Wood for nature play
  • Garden mulch
  • Sawdust donated to Adelaide Botanical Gardens for walking paths

Our passion for repurposing is central to our core values and inspired the founding of our philanthropic initiative Wood For Good.

Together we can make a difference, seeking community partners, collaboration and shared common vision.

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