About Us

Our Story

We started Austral so that we could change how things are done.

Since 1993, our goal has been to develop an understanding of our place and our responsibility in environmental management.

Austral began as a family operated business in the suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. Our foundation in service to domestic and commercial customers helped us to refine our standards and safety, allowing us to grow into the civil engineering and power line markets.

Now, Austral has grown to be one of Australia’s most trusted vegetation management specialists.

We use our family culture to drive a safe, collaborative and exciting company. Austral lives through its people and prides itself on its values.

Our Values


To provide the best Environmental Asset Management Solutions.


To exceed customer expectations with professionalism and kindness.


To prioritise interactions with each other, our customers and the environment as one of respect and gratitude.


To strive to give back to both the community and the environment through each opportunity we have.


NSCA Foundation and GIO Workers Compensation National Safety Award 2019.

Our WHS Management System was highly commended by the National Safety Council of Australia as having the best continuous improvement.

Quality, Safety & Environment


  • 100% positive Customer feedback
  • Long term clients and partnerships
  • Industry associates with TREENET and ISAAC
  • Latest industry knowledge and methodologies


  • SAI Global recognised and acredited Safety Management system
  • Specialised safety management software Eden4
  • Commited to zero harm to employees


  • Environmnetal Asset Management platform
  • Reducing our carbon footprint
  • Bringing the environment to the balance sheet

Acknowledgment of Country

Austral acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the original custodians of our land. We strive to learn about their spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual connection to the land, water and community. We pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

We are committed to an ongoing process of reconciliation and sustainability and we actively engage in readdressing inequitable distributions of the environmental, spiritual and social economy through the products and services we provide.

Art by  Gavin Wanganeen

Associate to the Hosking Foundation

Indigenous Employment Initiative

Wood for Good engages our commitment to the acknowledgement of the indigenous community.

Our initiative engages indigenous applicants with training and work within our industry.

As a result of our dedication, Austral currently proudly employs indigenous employees throughout its divisions.

Our visions is to continue the significance of the initiative and in turn, provide growth in  opportunities, responsibility and leadership for our indigenous communities.

We look forward to expanding our Indigenous Employment Initiative each and every year.

Wood for Good

Wood for Good is our philanthropic initiative and operates as a wood recycling plant on our premises. Established by Austral, Wood for Good is a not-for-profit social enterprise that embodies our core values. 

Our focus is on the entire life cycle of a tree and on our opportunity to contribute knowledge and experience in the preservation of our environment. 

All wood removed from Austral worksites finds its way to Wood for Good where it is then processed and repurposed.

For example:

  • Hollows for arboreal and terrestial relocation
  • Wood for nature play
  • Firewood
  • Mulch
  • Sawdust for Adelaide Botanical Gardens

we proudly support

Our Founders have established a foundation, The Hosking Foundation, to facilitate their corporate-social mission.

The Hosking Foundation is a private ancillary fund established to donate to DGR1 charities.

Through the Hosking Foundation, Austral is proud to have made contributions to these charities and many more.