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A career that will grow with you

A career that will grow with you

Skills can be taught. But passion and caring are in our DNA. That’s undoubtedly the case at Austral Tree Solutions. Our team of Arboriculture experts is among Australia’s finest – however, we demand more than expertise in Austral employees.

We value attributes such as leadership and communication skills.

We welcome outstanding strong characters who want to learn, grow and share our values.
We want strong characters with strong opinions who, like Austral, wish to make a global impact and create positive change in their world while understanding that safety and quality are at the heart of our every day.

If this sounds like your kind of journey, then we want you.

Our Values

Our Values

Anyone who knows Austral knows the importance our company places on its values. Our values underpin and shape all that we do. We live them through our behaviours, through our commitment to excellence and through our collaborative approach in working with all stakeholders. Our values reflect our character, brand, culture and style. They define who we are and how we work.

We are driven in our focus on developing and delivering world-leading Environmental Asset Management solutions.

With every interaction, we strive to meet and, where possible, exceed customer expectations.

We endeavour to live and act authentically in a spirit of respect through our interactions with one another and our environment.

Our company is defined by what we give back to communities and the environment and will always operate in a spirit of generosity.

Working at Austral is more than just a job

Working at Austral is more than just a job

Being part of the Austral Tree Solutions team means more than simply being an employee – we are passionate about helping you develop your strengths through our career initiatives.

You will receive ongoing training and development
We provide regular training opportunities to our staff to help them learn, grow and reach their maximum potential. Training and licensing plays an important role in our dynamic operations.

You will be exposed to new career pathways
As Austral is a member of the Project Green Group, your career is not limited to only the opportunities offered within Austral. You may be interested in other careers that exist within the Project Green Group locally or interstate. All Austral staff participate in our regular review program to ensure they are working in a role and at a level that they find both challenging and rewarding.

You will benefit from our focus on innovation
We supply our staff with leading-edge technology and quality equipment to increase efficiency and ensure safety when performing any task.

You will be empowered to create social change
Austral is a socially conscious company. And our people feel the same way. We believe it is our company’s responsibility to bring about positive change within the wider community and encourage our employees to play a role in this initiative