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Our staff must prioritise safety, skills and communication.

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What do we do?

Austral Tree Services is a total tree management service. We offer a solution to a wide range of needs when it comes to vegetation.

Our services require unique skills from our staff who work on Government, Commercial, Domestic, Civil Engineering and Utilities contracts.

We also have a dedicated Stumping division for expertise in all areas of stump removals.

Why should you join us?


We provide training opportunities to our staff to allow them to grow and reach their maximum potential. Training and licensing is an ongoing part of our dynamic operations.

Career Growth:

All of our staff are included in our regular review program to ensure that each members of our team is working at a level that they find challenging and rewarding.

Cutting Edge:

Our staff use the latest in technology to increase efficiency and ensure safety without it getting in the way of their task. 

Social Conscious:

Working for Austral means working for a socially conscious company. Our team can take pride in their role in a team that is driven to see contribution and change in the wider community.

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